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Sep-2007Investigation of the tunneling spectra in HgBr2-intercalated Bi-2212 single crystals below and above TcKurter, Cihan; Mazur, Daniel; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
Dec-2007Large energy gaps in Ca C6 from tunneling spectroscopy: Possible evidence of strong-coupling superconductivityKurter, Cihan; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Mazur, Daniel; Zasadzinski, John F.; Rosenmann, Daniel; Claus, Helmut; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
Nov-2007Redistribution of the density of states due to Coulomb interactions in La2-2x Sr1+2x Mn2 O7Mazur, Daniel; Gray, Kenneth E.; Zasadzinski, John F.; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Beloborodov, Igor S.; Zheng, H.; Mitchell, J. F.