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Mar-2014Coupling soil moisture and precipitation observations for predicting hourly runoff at small catchment scaleTayfur, Gökmen ; Zucco, Graziano; Brocca, Luca; Moramarco, Tommaso
Jul-2018Flood hydrograph prediction using machine learning methodsTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.; Moramarco, Tommaso; Barbetta, Silvia
2009Genetic algorithm-based discharge estimation at sites receiving lateral inflowsTayfur, Gökmen ; Barbetta, Silvia; Moramarco, Tommaso
Aug-2022Kinematic reverse flood routing in natural rivers using stage dataTayfur, Gökmen ; Moramarco, Tommaso
Jul-2007Predicting and forecasting flow discharge at sites receiving significant lateral inflowTayfur, Gökmen ; Moramarco, Tommaso; Singh, Vijay P.
Apr-2008Predicting hourly-based flow discharge hydrographs from level data using genetic algorithmsTayfur, Gökmen ; Moramarco, Tommaso
13-Sep-2015Reverse flood routing in natural channels using genetic algorithmZucco, Graziano; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Moramarco, Tommaso
2015Reverse flood routing in riversTayfur, Gökmen ; Moramarco, Tommaso