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Jun-2010CoCrMo alloy treated by floating potential plasma assisted nitriding and plasma based ion implantation: Influence of the hydrogen content and of the ion energy on the nitrogen incorporationPichon, L.; Okur, Salih ; Öztürk, Orhan ; Rivière, J. P.; Drouet, M.
Jul-2011Magnetic layer formation on plasma nitrided CoCrMo alloyÖztürk, Orhan ; Okur, Salih ; Pichon, L.; Liedke, M. O.; Riviere, Jean Paul
Jul-2014Use of combination of accelerator-based ion-beam analysis techniques to the investigation of the corrosion behavior of CoCrMo alloyNoli, F.; Misaelides, P.; Lagoyannis, A.; Pichon, L.; Öztürk, Orhan