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Sep-2010Mice Doubly-deficient in lysosomal hexosaminidase a and neuraminidase 4 show epileptic crises and rapid neuronal lossSeyrantepe, Volkan ; Lema, Pablo; Caqueret, Aurore; Dridi, Larbi; Hadj, Samar Bel; Carpentier, Stephane; Boucher, Francine; Levade, Thierry; Carmant, Lionel; Gravel, Roy A.; Hamel, Edith; Vachon, Pascal; Di Cristo, Graziella; Michaud, Jacques L.; Morales, Carlos R.; Pshezhetsky, Alexey V.
Feb-2014Serine carboxypeptidase SCPEP1 and cathepsin a play complementary roles in regulation of vasoconstriction via inactivation of endothelin-1Pan, Xuefang; Grigoryeva, Lubov; Seyrantepe, Volkan ; Peng, Junzheng; Kollmann, Katrin; Tremblay, Johanne; Lavoie, Julie L.; Hinek, Aleksander; L├╝bke, Torben; Pshezhetsky, Alexey V.