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Oct-2014Developing cation exchange capacity and soil index properties relationships using a neuro-fuzzy approachPulat, Hasan Fırat; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Yükselen Aksoy, Yeliz
Feb-2014The effect of soil mineralogy and pore fluid chemistry on the suction and swelling behavior of soilsPulat, Hasan Fırat; Yükselen Aksoy, Yeliz; Egeli, İsfendiyar 
2009An experimental and analytical study of various soil slopes in laboratory conditionsPulat, Hasan Fırat
2022Improvement of strength characteristics of a highly plastic expansive soil with fly ashDemirci, Hasan Emre; Pulat, Hasan Fırat; Kodaz, Gaye
Dec-2011Mechanism and modelling of shallow soil slope stability during high intensity and short duration rainfallEgeli, İsfendiyar ; Pulat, Hasan Fırat
Dec-2018Numerical investigation of flood induced seepage under leveesSemerci, Aykut