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Dec-2006ANN and fuzzy logic models for simulating event-based rainfall-runoffTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
Sep-2008Closure to "ANN and fuzzy logic models for simulating event-based rainfall-runoff" by Gokmen Tayfur and Vijay P. SinghTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
Mar-2022Developing predictive equations for water capturing performance and sediment release efficiency for coanda intakes using artificial intelligence methodsHazar, Oğuz; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Elçi, Şebnem ; Singh, Vijay P.
Jul-2018Flood hydrograph prediction using machine learning methodsTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.; Moramarco, Tommaso; Barbetta, Silvia
Dec-2003Fuzzy logic algorithm for runoff-induced sediment transport from bare soil surfacesTayfur, Gökmen ; Özdemir, Serhan ; Singh, Vijay P.
Dec-2007Kinematic wave model for transient bed profiles in alluvial channels under nonequilibrium conditionsTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
Jun-2006Kinematic wave model of bed profiles in alluvial channelsTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
May-2008Kinematic wave theory for transient bed sediment waves in alluvial riversSingh, Vijay P.; Tayfur, Gökmen 
Jan-2004Numerical model for sediment transport over nonplanar, nonhomogeneous surfacesTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
Jul-2007Predicting and forecasting flow discharge at sites receiving significant lateral inflowTayfur, Gökmen ; Moramarco, Tommaso; Singh, Vijay P.
Mar-2011Predicting mean and bankfull discharge from channel cross-sectional area by expert and regression methodsTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
May-2013Principle component analysis in conjuction with data driven methods for sediment load predictionTayfur, Gökmen ; Karimi, Yashar; Singh, Vijay P.
Apr-2011Simulating transient sediment waves in aggraded alluvial channels by double-decomposition methodTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.
Aug-2012Transport capacity models for unsteady and non-equilibrium sediment transport in alluvial channelsTayfur, Gökmen ; Singh, Vijay P.