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Feb-2004Advanced backcross QTL analysis of a Lycopersicon esculentum x L. pennellii cross and identification of possible orthologs in the SolanaceaeFrary, Anne ; Fulton, Theresa M.; Zamir, Dani; Tanksley, Steven D.
2004Comparative fine mapping of fruit quality QTLs on chromosome 4 introgressions derived from two wild tomato speciesYates, Heather E.; Frary, Anne ; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frampton, Anna; Eannetta, Nancy T.; Uhlig, John; Tanksley, Steven D.
Aug-2002A comparative genetic linkage map of eggplant (Solanum melongena) and its implications for genome evolution in the SolanaceaeDoğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne ; Daunay, Marie-Christine; Lester, Richard N.; Tanksley, Steven D.
Aug-2002Conservation of gene function in the Solanaceae as revealed by comparative mapping of domestication traits in eggplantDoğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne ; Daunay, Marie-Christine; Lester, Richard N.; Tanksley, Steven D.
Jul-2005Development of a set of PCR-based anchor markers encompassing the tomato genome and evaluation of their usefulness for genetics and breeding experimentsFarry, Anne; Xu, Yimin; Liu, Jiping; Mitchell, Sharon E.; Tedeschi, Eloisa; Tanksley, Steven D.
Apr-2003Fine mapping of quantitative trait loci for improved fruit characteristics from Lycopersicon chmielewskii chromosome 1Frary, Anne ; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frampton, Anna; Fulton, Theresa M.; Uhlig, John W.; Yates, Heather E.; Tanksley, Steven D.
Nov-2002Mapping quantitative trait loci in inbred backcross lines of Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium (LA1589)Doğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne ; Ku, Hsin-mei; Tanksley, Steven D.
Jul-2003QTL analysis of morphological traits in eggplant and implications for conservation of gene function during evolution of solanaceous speciesFrary, Anne ; Doğanlar, Sami ; Daunay, Marie-Christine; Tanksley, Steven D.