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2018Behind the 3D scene: A GIS approach for managing the chronological information of historic buildingsSaygı, G.; Agugiaro, G.; Turan, Mine 
Jun-2019Conservation-aimed evaluation of a historical aqueduct in IzmirMamaklı, Fatma Sezgi; Turan, Mine ; Aktaş, Engin ; Vardaroğlu, Mustafa
2020Consolidation of a bath ruin in an archaeological siteDurmuşlar, Feyza; Turan, Mine ; Yücetürk, Kutay ; Aktaş, Engin 
Jun-2019Construction techniques of hayat houses: Two case studies in the vicinity of IzmirTuran, Mine ; Aktaş, Engin ; Mamaklı, Fatma Sezgi; Kaplan, Zişan
2007Documentation of a vernacular house with close-range digital photogrammetryAkbaylar, İpek; Turan, Mine 
Jun-2011Documentation of historic structures for the assessment of heritage characteristicsTuran, Mine ; Akbaylar, İpek
2020Effect of urban transformation on the values of historic sites around mosques: Two cases in Manisa, TurkeyBüyükkılıç Koşun, Suna; Turan, Mine 
2013Evaluation of GIS and BIM roles for the information management of historical buildingsSaygı, Gamze; Agugiaro, G.; Turan, Mine ; Remondino, F.
2020Investigation of in-plane and out-of-plane wall behavior related to lateral loading depending on wall profiles and opening types in Hellenistic TowersGencer, Funda; Turan, Mine ; Aktaş, Engin 
2017The masonry techniques of a historical bridge in Hypokremnos (İçmeler)Uygun Gençer, Funda; Turan, Mine 
2004Mimari fotogrametri alanındaki çağdaş gelişimlerin değerlendirilmesiTuran, Mine 
2010Observations on characteristics of suburban historical houses of IzmirTuran, Mine ; Dipburun, Esra; Şerifaki, Kerem
1-Aug-2016Photogrammetric evaluation options of an ancient monument for different survey levelsUygun, Funda; Turan, Mine ; Ocalı, Ogan
Jan-2013Protection of archaeological remains in the Yortanli dam reservoir in TurkeyTuran, Mine ; Arısoy, Yalçın; Nuhoğlu, Ayhan; Erturan, Yusuf Perçin
2000A retrospective evaluation of space organization principles in architecture (building on Mimar Kemalettin Street in Izmir)Turan, Mine 
2020Structural vulnerability of ancient dry masonry towers under lateral loadingGençer, Funda; Turan, Mine ; Aktaş, Engin 
2013Three dimensional modeling via photographs for documentation of a village bathBalta, H. B.; Turan, Mine ; Ocali, O.
2003Visualisation and evaluation of structural characteristics and problems of a classical Ottoman bathÇizer, Özlem; Turan, Mine