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2013Mode identification in the high-amplitude {\delta} Scuti star V2367 CygUlusoy, Ceren; Gülmez, T.; Stateva, I.; Dimitrov, D.; Iliev, I. Kh.; Kobulnicky, H. A.; Yaşarsoy, B.; Alvarez, M.; Michel, R.; Fox Machado, L.; Damasso, M.; Carbognani, A.; Cenadelli, D.; Pickering, T. E.; Kwon, J.; Tamura, M.; Balona, L. A.
2013Multisite photometric campaign on the high-amplitude delta Scuti star KIC 6382916Ulusoy, Ceren; Ulas, B.; Guelmez, T.; Balona, L. A.; Stateva, I.; Iliev, I. Kh.; Carbognani, A.