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Aug-2015Air and seawater pollution and air–sea gas exchange of persistent toxic substances in the Aegean Sea: spatial trends of PAHs, PCBs, OCPs and PBDEsLammel, Gerhard; Audy, Ondrej; Besis, Athanasios; Efstathiou, Christos; Eleftheriadis, Kostas; Kohoutek, Jiri; Kukucka, Petr; Mulder, Marie D.; Pribylova, Petra; Prokes, Roman; Rusina, Tatsiana P.; Samara, Constantini; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil ; Taşdemir, Yücel; Vassilatou, Vassiliki; Voutsa, Dimitra; Vrana, Branislav
Dec-2017Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in background air around the Aegean: implications for phase partitioning and size distributionBesis, Athanasios; Lammel, Gerhard; Kukucka, Petr; Samara, Constantini; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; Dumanoğlu, Yetkin; Eleftheriadis, Kostas; Kouvarakis, Giorgos; Sofuoğlu, Sait Cemil ; Vassilatou, Vassiliki; Voutsa, Dimitra