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Jan-2010Analysis of electronic parameters and interface states of boron dispersed triethanolamine/p-Si structure by AFM, I-V, C-V-f and G/?-V-f techniquesYakuphanoğlu, Fahrettin; Okur, Salih 
Feb-2009Analysis of interface states of the pentacene organic thin-film phototransistor by conductance techniqueOkur, Salih ; Yakuphanoğlu, Fahrettin
Nov-2009Electrical and interface properties of Au/DNA/n-Si organic-on-inorganic structuresOkur, Salih ; Yakuphanoğlu, Fahrettin; Özsöz, Mehmet; Kadayıfçılar, Pınar Kara
Apr-2010High-mobility pentacene phototransistor with nanostructured SiO2 gate dielectric synthesized by sol-gel methodOkur, Salih ; Yakuphanoğlu, Fahrettin; Stathatos, E.
Nov-2009Modification of metal/semiconductor junctions by self-assembled monolayer organic filmsYakuphanoğlu, Fahrettin; Okur, Salih ; Özgener, Hüseyin