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2019Contribution of O-2 plasma treatment and amine modified GOs on film properties of conductive PEDOT:PSS: Application in indium tin oxide free solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide ; Yeşil, Fatih; Varlıklı, Canan 
Apr-2017Controlling the distribution of oxygen functionalities on GO and utilization of PEDOT:PSS-GO composite as hole injection layer of a solution processed blue OLEDDiker, Halide ; Durmaz, Gamze Belkis; Bozkurt, Hakan; Yeşil, Fatih; Varlıklı, Canan 
Dec-2018Synthesis, photophysical and electrochemical properties of novel carbazole-triazine based high triplet energy, solution-processable materialsÖner, Saliha; Aydemir, Murat; Yeşil, Fatih; Şahin, Çiğdem; Varlıklı, Canan