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Dec-2017Categorization of species based on their microRNAs employing sequence motifs, information-theoretic sequence feature extraction, and k-mersYousef, Malik; Nigatu, Dawit; Levy, Dalit; Allmer, Jens ; Henkel, Werner
2012Computational methods for ab initio detection of microRNAsAllmer, Jens ; Yousef, Malik
2014Computational methods for microRNA target predictionHamzeiy, Hamid; Yousef, Malik; Allmer, Jens 
2016Computational miRNomicsAllmer, Jens ; Yousef, Malik
2017Distinguishing between MicroRNA targets from diverse species using sequence motifs and K-mersYousef, Malik; Khalifa, Waleed; Acar, İlhan Erkin ; Allmer, Jens 
2016Feature selection for microRNA target prediction comparison of one-class feature selection methodologiesYousef, Malik; Allmer, Jens ; Khalifa, Waleed
2016Feature selection has a large impact on one-class classification accuracy for micrornas in plantsYousef, Malik; Demirci, Müşerref Duygu Saçar; Khalifa, Waleed; Allmer, Jens 
2016The impact of feature selection on one and two-class classification performance for plant microRNAsKhalifa, Waleed; Yousef, Malik; Saçar Demirci, Müşerref Duygu; Allmer, Jens 
Sep-2014Intersection of MicroRNA and gene regulatory networks and their implication in cancerYousef, Malik; Trinh, Hung V.; Allmer, Jens 
Mar-2017MicroRNA categorization using sequence motifs and k-mersYousef, Malik; Khalifa, Waleed; Acar, İlhan Erkin ; Allmer, Jens 
2014miRNomics: MicroRNA biology and computational analysis prefaceYousef, Malik; Allmer, Jens