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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2020Analysis and application of linearization technique for nonlinear problemsİmamoğlu Karabaş, Neslişah
Jul-2020Asymptotic behaviour of gravity driven free surface flows resulting from cavity collapseFetahu, Elona
Dec-2022Boundary feedback stabilization of some evolutionary partial differential equationsYılmaz, Kemal Cem
Jul-2015Convergence analysis of operator splitting methods for the Burgers-Huxley equationÇiçek, Yeşim
Nov-2022Direct and interior inverse generalized impedance problems for the modified Helmholtz equationÖzdemir, Gazi
2010Entanglemend and topological soliton structures in Heisenberg spin modelsGürkan, Zeynep Nilhan 
Dec-2022Exactly solvable Burgers type equations with variable coefficients and moving boundary conditionsBozacı, Aylin
Jul-2022Exactly solvable quantum parametric oscillators in higher dimensionsÇayiç, Zehra
2014Homological objects of proper classes generated by simple modulesDurğun, Yılmaz
Jul-2022Krull-Schmidt properties over non-noetherian ringsGürbüz, Ezgi
2014Mathematical modelling of light propagation in pohotonic crystal waveguidesEti, Neslihan
Jul-2018Numerical methods for nonlocal problemsKaya, Adem
Jul-2019On relative projectivity of some classes of modulesAlagöz, Yusuf 
2013Operator splitting method for parabolic partial differential equations: Analyses and applicationsGücüyenen, Nurcan
Jul-2021Reidemeister torsion of closed л-manifoldsDirican Erdal, Esma
Jun-2018Short time behaviour of dam break flow involving two liquidsIsıdıcı Demirel, Damla
Jul-2015Solution of Maxwell Equations on deformed spherical domains: Applications to the scattering problemsAteş, Barış
Jun-2023Stability analysis of nonlinear dynamical systems with Lévy typeperturbationsTamcı, Ege
2012Stabilized finite element methods for time dependent convection-diffusion equationsBaysal, Onur
2011Vortex dynamics in domains whith boundariesTülü, Serdar