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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Abelian-Non Abellian mixing and cosmic inflation in Born-Infeld type gravityAltaş, Aslı
Jul-2017Adaptation of digital electronic into detector systems NUMEXO2 in exotic nuclei researchŞahin, Elif
Jul-2016Affine dynamics with torsionGültekin, Kemal 
2011Antistatic applications: Metal coated fibers by magnetron sputteringMeriç, Zeynep
2011Application of self assembled monolayer technique to imporove hole transport in organic ledsŞeker, Mavişe
2009Applications of transparent conductive indium tin oxide films in automotive and vitrifications industriesTuna, Öcal
2013Area dependence of Josephson critical current density in superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d mesas for terahertz emissionSağlam, Hilal
Dec-2021B92 based quantum key distribution with faint pulsed laserMutlu, Görkem
2012Born-Infeld-Riemann gravitySoysal, Selin
2013Calculations of electric and magnetic properties of triangular graphene fragments using density functional theory: Effects of edge functionalization and electric fieldİyikanat, Fadıl
2005Capacitance-voltage spectroscopy in metal-tantalum pentoxide (Ta-O)-silicon mos capacitorsÖzdağ, Pınar
Jul-2014Characterization of defect structure of epitaxial CdTe filmsÖzden, Selin 
2014Characterization of GaAs (211) surface for epitaxial buffer growthPolat, Mustafa 
Jul-2015Characterization of lattice mismatch induced dislocations on epitaxial CdTe filmsBilgilisoy, Elif 
2011Characterization of modified ito anode surfaces with 4 [3-methylphenyl) phenyl) anino] benzoic acid for oled applicationsYağmurcukardeş, Nesli
2014Characterization of molecular beam epitaxially crown CdTe layers over GaAs by spectroscopic ellipsometryGünnar, Merve
Oct-2015Characterization of vanadium oxide thin films grown by magnetron sputtering techniqueYüce, Hürriyet 
2013CO gas sensor applications of Fe doped calix[4] arene moleculesÖzbek, Cebrail
2010Conformal transformationsin metric-affine gravityDüztürk, Canan Nurhan
Jan-2016A contant binary systemin the Kepler fieldŞahin, Funda