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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2022Molecular modeling of polyelectrolytes - nucleotides / nucleic acids interactionKıbrıs, Erman
Jul-2014Preparation of nanosized CeO2 particles and their incorporation into transparent acrylate polymersTunusoğlu, Özge
Dec-2021Preparation of nanostructured interface by polymer grafting on various solid substrates for biosensor applicationsÖzenler, Sezer 
Jul-2014Preparation of novel fiber coatings for solid phase microextraction of flavonoidsEsen, Meral
27-Sep-2018Proteomic analyses of biological samples by using different mass spectrometric strategiesDinç, Melilke
May-2017Proteomic studies and its application to biological samples using mass spectrometryGüray, Melda Zeynep
2013Studies of gas-phase fragmentation mechanisms of peptide b ions by mass spectrometryAtik, Ahmet Emin
Dec-2022Studies toward the synthesis of novel 1,4-oxazepan-5-one and coumarin derivativesAkbaş, Tuğçe
Jul-2022Synthesis and characterization of novel organometallic-semicondutor nanocomposit photoelectrodesGöl, Yusuf Emre
2012Synthesis and control of exciton dynamics in CdTe, CdTe/CdS and ZnxCd1-xTe colloidal nanocrystalsEral Doğan, Leyla
Dec-2016Synthesis of vinylallenols via palladium-caralyzed arylation reactions of (Z)-2,4-enyne oxiranes with organoboronsZiyanak, Fırat 
Dec-2021Synthesis, characterization and investigation of cytotoxic effects of drug loaded ZIF-8 metal-organic frameworksMete, Derya 
Apr-2018Synthesis, physicochemical characterization, and biosensing applications of gold nanoparticlesÜçüncü, Melek
Aug-2015Transition metal catalayzed 1,5-substitution reactions of conjugated enyne oxiranes leading to allylic hydroxy substituted vinylallenesKuş, Melih 
2010Use of silica-based sorbents for separation and preconcentration of V (IV) and V (V)Erdem, Aslı