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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2023Design and synthesis of anthracenetetrone-based redox-active porousorganic polymer as a cathode material for zinc-ion batteriesBegar, Ferit
Jun-2018Design and synthesis of BODIPY based phosgene sensorSayar, Melike
Jun-2015The design and synthesis of fluorescent chemosensors for the detection of gold and mercury metal speciesCantürk, Ceren
Dec-2018Design and synthesis of phosphine based fluorescent probes for reactive oxygen speciesÜçüncü, Canan
Dec-2016Design of micelle embedded chitosan nanocomposites for targeted delivery of hydrophobic drugsCihan, Esra
Jul-2019Desing and synthesis of BODIPY based photosensitizers for photodynamic therapyDartar, Suay 
Jul-2016Desing and synthesis of fluorescein based gold ion sensorsÇetintaş, Ceyla
Dec-2018Desing and synthesis of fluorescent chemodosimeter for the analysis of the gold ionsÇevik Eren, Merve
Dec-2021Determination of crucial parameters in gasoline blends by using infrared spectroscopy coupled with multivariate calibration methodsSakallı, Fatma Nur 
Dec-2020Determination of hydrocarbon composition of naphtha by using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibrationŞentürk, Selahattin
2007Determination of the particle interactions -rheology- suface roughness relationship for dental ceramicsKes, Mürşide
Jul-2019Determination of total acid number in the optimization of oleate production by using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and multivariate calibrationToygar Türkün, Nihan
Jul-2016Development of a new infrared spectroscopic method based on multivariate calibration for the determination of aluminum and magnesium oxid thickness on aluminum foil and sheets surfacesMeşe, Ayten Ekin
2013Development of a novel electrocardiography sensor based on a composite silver chloride nanoparticles and polyanilineTaşcıoğlu, Didem 
Dec-2018Development of chemometric calibration toolbox and its application for determination of slep adulterationAkkoç, Gün Deniz
Jul-2019The development of chemometric methods based on molecular spectroscopy for the standardization of production processes and product traceability of personal care and cleaning productsÇiftçi İlmek, Berfu
2011Development of chemometric multivariate calibration models for spectroscopic quality analysis of biodiesel blendsBağcıoğlu, Murat
Dec-2021Development of chemometrics method based on infrared spectroscopy for the determination of cement composition and process optimization [Master Thesis]Tepeli, Dilek 
2013Development of chromatographic and moleculer spetroscopic multivariate chemometric models for the geographical classification of olive oilsÇelik, Deniz
Jan-2019Development of copper and manganese doped ternary colloidal quqntum dot alloysYırtıcı, İlayda Melek