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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2021Coulomb impurities in graphene quantum dots in a magnetic fieldEren, İsmail 
2011Dark energy mechanisms in the context of extra dimensional modelsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet 
Oct-2015Defect reduction study of molecular beam epitaxially grown CdTe thin flims by ex-situ annealingBakali, Emine
Jul-2019Disorder induced electronic and magnetic properties of graphene quantum dotsKul, Erdoğan Kul
Dec-2017The effect of atmospheric gases on the electrical stability of grapheneKalkan, Sırrı Batuhan
Dec-2021Effect of random structural variations on the optical properties of honeycomb photonic crystalsTunçtürk, Yiğit 
2012Effects of dark photons on pulsar kicksTosun, Onur
2005The effects of deposition conditions on the low energy absorption spectrum of microcrystalline silicon thin films prepared by HWCVD methodIşık, Nebile
2005The effects of native and light induced defects in the optical and electronic properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon germanium (a-SiGe:H) alloy thin filmsDönertaş Yavaş, Medine Elif
2012The effects of oxidizers on the diameters of the carbon naotubes grown by chemical vapor deposition methodBülbül, Gülay
2007The effects of prior nitridation process of silicon surface and different metal gates on the Capacitance Voltage Characteristics of metal-Ta2O5-Si MOS capacitorÖzben, Eylem Durğun
Jul-2018Effects of random atomic disorder on electronic and magnetic properties of graphene nanoribbonsÇakmak, Korhan Ertan
2003Electrical and structural characterization of metallic superconductor MgB2Günel, Aylin
2009Electrical surface modification and characterization of metallic thin films using scanning probe microscope (SPM) nanolithography methodBüyükköse, Serkan
Jul-2022Electron optics in grapheneCoşgel, Gürcan
2013Electronic correlations in metalloproteins: A quantum monte carlo studyMayda, Selma 
Dec-2021Electronic properties of artificial graphene nanostructureOkcu, Emre
Jun-2016Electronic, magnetic and optical properties of graphene nanoribbonsÖzdemir, Hakan Ulaş
2011Electronic, spintronic and transport properties of carbon based nanowiresArı, Ozan 
Dec-2019Electronic, vibtational and transport properties of quasi-one dimensional transition metal dichalcogenide structuresÜnsal, Elif