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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Synthesis and characterization of boron composite nanoparticles for wear and friction reductionGökmen, Esin
Jul-2019Development of ultrasound triggered drug delivery systems for cancer treatmentÖnercan, Cansu
Jul-2019Development of kinetic model for industrial ethylene oxide catalyst by using model-targeted experimentation approachSarrafi, Şahin
Jul-2019Investigation of different UV stabilizer effects on HDPE gradesGermen, Oktay
Jul-2019Peptide hydrogels containing cell attachment moleculesUysal, Berk
Jul-2019Development of polyamideimide based nanofiltration membranes for separation of dyes and salts in textile wastewater treatmentMetecan, Ayşe
Dec-2018Deposition of Cu-BTC on pulp and textile fibers for sensor applicationGüner, Cemal
Dec-2018Soy-based polyol synthesis from expoxidised soybean oil with solid acid catalystÇabuk, Nehir
Dec-2018Production of bio-oil from haelnut shell waste by using supercritical ethanol, acetone and their mixturDal, Orkan
Dec-2018Detailed chemical kinetic modeling of n-heptane flameDeğirmenci, Emre
1-Nov-2018Epoxidation of soybean oil over mesoporous MoO3/Ti-SBA-15 and Ti-SBA-15 catalystsTaş, Canan
Jul-2018Extraction of phenolic compounds from hazelnut shell wasteŞengün, Duygu
Jul-2018Preparation and characterization of antifouling nanofiltration membranes from a responsive pentablock copolymerÇağlar, Nağahan
Jul-2018The investigation of the water splitting activities of coprecipitated doped nanotitania powdersGözel, Gözde
Jun-2018Preparation and characterization of polymer based composite nanospheres for bone infection preventionKımna, Ceren
Mar-2018Investigation of the performances of ceramic micro/ultrafiltration membranes in stable oil in water emulsion purificationÇetin, Pınar
Dec-2017Development of nanofiltration membranes through surface modification of polysulfone based ultrafiltration membranesBar, Canbike
Dec-2017Mineralization of olive mill wastewater under hydrothermal conditionsErsanlı, Çağlar
Dec-2017Biofuels production using canola oil over heterogeneous catalystsÖzdoğru, Bertan
Jul-2017Hydrogels and self-assemled nanostructures based on wool keratosePakkaner, Efecan