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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2023Removal of dyes and antibiotics by adsorption and photocatalytic degradation using ZN-based compositesSaygı, Gizem
Jan-2023Heat and mass transfer characteristics of adsorbents in heat pump and refrigeratorGündoğan, Şefika Çağla
Dec-2022Development of innovative polymeric membranes using green approaches for water and energy sustainabilityGüngörmüş Deliismail, Elif
Dec-2021Electrochemical and oxygen/water permeation behavior of fluorinated siloxane copolymers synthesized via initiated chemical vapor depositionCihanoğlu, Gizem 
Jul-2021The valorization of various wastewater for hydrogen production by photocatalytic oxidationOrak, Ceren 
Jul-2021Development of antifouling nanofiltration and antibiofouling ultrafiltration polymeric membranes using facile protocolsCihanoğlu, Aydın
Jul-2020Development of a plasmonic biosensor for detection of exosomesTaykoz, Damla
Jul-2020Development of chitosan based biofoamsOlcay Kurt, Aybike Nil
Jul-2020Biofuels and biochemicals production from microalgae over solid catalystsDeliismail, Özgün
Jun-2020Catalytic conversion of glucose to alkyl glucosidesMutlu, Vahide Nuran
Jul-2019An in-depth study of nucleation and growth processes during Stöber silica synthesisSop, Elif Suna
Dec-2017Experimental and computational investigation of transport phenomena in initiated chemical vapor deposition (iCVD) processAteş, Selcan
Jul-2017Macromolecular design of hydroxyl functional linear and star-shaped L-lactide and ?-caprolactone biodegradable polyesters utilizing biosafe catalysts for biomedical applicationsBaşalp, Dildare
Jul-2017Development of a novel hybrid process for the conversion of cellulose into high-value chemicals by applying voltage in hot compressed waterAkın, Okan
Jul-2016Selective fructose dehydration to 5-hydroxymethylfufural by heterogeneous sulfated catalysts in different solventsKılıç, Emre
Jun-2015Preparation and characterization of titania based powders and suspensions for photocatalytic applicationsYurtsever, Hüsnü Arda
Jun-2014Preparation and characterization of nanoparticles as carriers for gene deliveryUz, Metin
2013Adsorption of reformer off-gas on NaX zeolite and metal organic framework (mil53(AI)): Equilibria and kineticsGüneş Yerkesikli, Alev
2013Preparation and characterization of hemodialysis membranes with improved biocompatibility through anticoagulant, antioxidant and enzyme immobilizationYaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz
2013Enzymatic degradation of phthalic acid estersBaytak, Derya