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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2023Photocatalytic degradation of rhodamine B using Ag/AgCl@GOKöse, Taylan Can
Dec-2022Adsorbent synthesis for the recovery of lithium water resourcesKahvecioğlu, Anıl
Dec-2022Development of peg-peptide conjugate based curcumin delivery systemsAydoğan, Gamze
Dec-2022Preparation and rheological characterization of calcium silicate/aluminate based cementitious inksKeleş, Pelin
Oct-2022Investigation of electrochemical CO2 capture systemGüler, Cansu
Jul-2022Processing and characterization of novel graphene containing inksYüksel, Seda Sultan
Jul-2022Anaerobic digester modelling for production of biogas from waste hazelnut huskDemir, Ozan
Jul-2022Development of keratin based hydrogel systemsYalçın Göl, Damla
Jul-2022Esterification of free fatty acid obtained from waste cooking oil over solid catalystKaracasulu, Cem
Jun-2022Modification of corn starch by oxidation and acetylationÇelik, Tilbe
Jun-2022Devlopment of solid acid catalysts for cellulose acetate productionSönmeztürk, Begüm
May-2022An investigation of data-based fault detection methods in petroleum refineriesYasmal, Aslı
May-2022Biolubricant production over sulfated TI-SBA-15 and TIO2-SIO2 based mesoporous catalystsÖzperçin, Tuğçe 
Jan-2022Rheological behavior of carbon black inksEkerler, Deniz
Dec-20211-octanol dehydration on Al2O3-SiO2 catalystUçar, Beyza 
Dec-2021Dimethyl ether production from methanol over silica-alumina catalystsTarancı, Ecem 
Dec-2021Bilayer chitosan/zein based nanofibers for antimicrobial wound dressing applicationİskeçman, Nilsu
Dec-2021Effect of ions on particle size and morphology in calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystallizationOsman Adam Osman, Ahmed 
Nov-2021Functionalized cellulose-based adsorbent for lithium recoveryfrom aqueous solutionsNampeera, Jackline 
Jul-2021Renewable natural gas production via Sabatier reactionÇamlık, Cansu