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dc.contributor.advisorÜlkü, Semraen
dc.contributor.authorBulut Albayrak, Çisem-
dc.descriptionThesis (Doctoral)--Izmir Institute of Technology, Chemical Engineering, Izmir, 2012en
dc.descriptionIncludes bibliographical references (leaves: 180-193)en
dc.descriptionText in English; Abstract: Turkish and Englishen
dc.descriptionxviii, 201 leavesen
dc.descriptionFull text release delayed at author's request until 2016.01.31en
dc.description.abstractThe human diet contains a wide variety of natural carcinogens. Aflatoxin B1 (afB1) is the most toxic and most prevalent compound. Both probiotic lactic acid bacteria and clinoptilolite rich zeolite mineral have potential to eliminate this toxin. This study was planned in order to investigate adsorptive characteristics of afB1 by local purified clinoptilolite rich mineral (PNZ) and probiotic strains which were isolated from different natural sources (fermented cabbage, boza ) in the present work. PNZ and isolated strains were characterized by using several physical, chemical and biological techniques. Adsorption characteristics of both probiotic lactobacilli and PNZ were investigated in simulated gastrointestinal solutions. The chosen probiotic strain was identified as L. plantarum .The studies indicated that, both L. plantarum S2 and PNZ can eliminate afB1 in the phosphate buffer solution. They are more effective when they were used together (45% for L. plantarum S2, 32% for PNZ, 86%for L. plantarum S2 and PNZ together). AfB1 adsorption equilibrium data were best represented by Sips isotherm model for PNZ, whereas by Langmuir isotherm model for L. plantarum S2. Thermodynamic studies implied that afB1 adsorption by mineral and L. plantarum S2 was physical adsorption. Experiments with different temperatures showed that afB1 adsorption by PNZ was exothermic but afB1 adsorption by lactobacilli was endothermic. Adsorption kinetics were analysed by diffusional models and reaction models for afB1 adsorption by PNZ mineral. Both film diffusion and /or intra particle diffusion were effective on adsorption kinetics depending on the experimental conditions (Temperature, pH, agitation speed, etc).en
dc.publisherIzmir Institute of Technologyen
dc.subject.lcshLactic acid bacteriaen
dc.subject.lcshLactobacillus plantarumen
dc.titleAdsorptive characteristics of aflatoxin B1 in the presence of purified clinoptilolite rich mineral and lactobacillus plantarum S2en_US
dc.typeDoctoral Thesisen_US
dc.institutionauthorBulut Albayrak, Çisem-
dc.departmentIzmir Institute of Technology. Chemical Engineeringen
item.openairetypeDoctoral Thesis-
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