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Title: Oxo-Imido molybdenum tripyrazolyl borate complexes
Authors: Topaloğlu Sözüer, Işıl
Günyar, Alev
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Izmir Institute of Technology
Abstract: Reaction of the oxo-molybdenum(V) compound, [MoTp*(O)Cl2], [Tp* = hydrotris(3,5-dimetylpyrazol-1-yl)borate] with p-functionalized anilines[NH2C6H4R] ( R = OMe, OEt, OPr, NO2) in the presence of Et3N under nitrogen, in toluene solution, afforded the novel oxo bridged oxo(arylimido) molybdenum(V) compounds [MoTp*(O)Cl](m-O)[MoTp*(Cl)(ºNC6H4R)] ( R = OMe, OEt, OPr, NO2). Under same conditions, the reaction with aniline produced oxo bridged oxomolybdenum (V) compound, [MoTp*OCl]2(m-O). The new compounds were characterized by FT-IR, FAB-Mass, and 1H-NMRspectra. The single crystal X-ray crystallographic determination of [MoTp*(O)Cl](mO)[MoTp*(Cl)(ºNC6H4OMe)]was carried out to confirm that there is a Mo-O-Mobridge and a near linear arylimido group in the structure.
Description: Thesis (Master)--İzmir Institute of Technology, Chemistry, İzmir, 2004
Includes bibliographical references (leaves: 50)
Text in English; Abstract: Turkish and English
xii, 56 leaves
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