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2013Agrobacterium rhizogenes-mediated transformation and its biotechnological applications in cropsÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Artam Tarhan, Ebru
Jun-2016Analysis of EST-SSRs in silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.)Filiz, Ertuğrul; Doğan, İlhan ; Özyigit, İbrahim İlker
2016Assessment of Cd-induced genotoxic damage in Urtica pilulifera L. using RAPD-PCR analysisDoğan, İlhan ; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Tombuloğlu, Güzin; Sakçalı, Mehmet Serdal; Tombuloğlu, Hüseyin
2013Cadmium-induced physiological and genotoxic alterations in bryophyllum daigremontianumÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Yılmaz, Seçil; Doğan, İlhan ; Sakcalı, Mehmet Serdal; Kekeç, Güzin; Demir, Göksel; Severoğlu, Zeki
2016Detection of physiological and genotoxic damages reflecting toxicity in kalanchoe clonesÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Yılmaz, S. ; Doğan, İlhan ; Sakçalı, Mehmet Serdal; Tombuloğlu, Güzin; Demir, Göksel
2013Determination of metal deposition and its effects on mineral nutrient uptake status of pinus brutia ten. For assessment of pollution impact in its habitat-IstanbulYalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul; Demir, Göksel; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Yarcı, Celal
Mar-2012Determination of some heavy metals and mineral nutrients of bay tree (Laurus nobilis L.) in Bartin city, TurkeyYaşar, Ülkühan; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Yalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul; Doğan, İlhan ; Demir, Göksel
2020Determining element accumulations in Turkish red pine used as a bioindicator for estimating of existing pollution on both sides of Bosphorus in İstanbulYalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Demir, Göksel; Yarcı, Celal
Oct-2013Distribution of some elements in Veronica scutellata L. from Bolu, Turkey: Soil-plant interactionsÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Demir, G.; Eskin, B.; Keskin, M.; Yalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul
2019Ecophysiological properties of Turkish endemic Centaurea consanguinea DC.Eskin, Bülent; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Demir, Göksel; Yarcı, Celal; Serin, Memduh
2019Evaluation of aluminum stress induced antibacterial and antifungal activities in Roman nettleÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Yalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul; Severoğlu, Zeki
Aug-2006Expression of Vitreoscilla hemoglobin in Gordonia amarae enhances biosurfactant productionDoğan, İlhan ; Pagilla, Krishna R.; Webster, Dale A.; Stark, Benjamin C.
Oct-2013Germination physiology and autecology of Centaurea kilaea Boiss. from TurkeyEskin, B.; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Altay, V.; Demir, G.; Serin, M.
2015In silico analysis of simple sequence repeats (SSRs) in chloroplast genomes of Glycine speciesÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Filiz, Ertuğrul
Feb-2014Influence of aluminum on mineral nutrient uptake and accumulation in urtica Pilulifera L.Doğan, İlhan ; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Demir, Göksel
Mar-2012Mineral element distribution of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) seedlings under different salinity levelsDoğan, İlhan ; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Demir, Göksel
Jan-2013Mineral element uptake status of endemic Isoetes anatolica Prada & Rolleri populations from Bolu-TurkeyÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Eskin, Bülent; Keskin, Mustafa; Demir, Göksel; Yalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul
Apr-2017Mineral nutrient acquisition by cotton cultivars grown under salt stressÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan ; Demir, Göksel; Yalçın, İbrahim Ertuğrul
2014Plant-microbe interactions in phytoremediationÖzyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Doğan, İlhan 
Mar-2012Salinity induced changes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)Doğan, İlhan ; Kekeç, Güzin; Özyiğit, İbrahim İlker; Sakçalı, Mehmet Serdal