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2019Active mixing strategy with electromechanical platform for Lab-on-A-chip applicationsKarakuzu, Betül; Özçivici, Engin ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Tarım, E. Alperay
2020Applicability of low-intensity vibrations as a regulatory factor on stem and progenitor cell populationsBaskan, Öznur ; Karadaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
2016Application of low intensity mechanical vibrations for bone tissue maintenance and regenerationÖlçüm, Melis; Baskan, Öznur ; Karadaş, Özge; Özçivici, Engin 
2019Application of magnetic levitation induced weightlessness to detect cell lineageSarıgil, Öykü ; Anıl İnevi, Müge ; Yılmaz, Esra; Çağan, Melike; Meşe, Gülistan ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Özçivici, Engin 
Dec-2019Biochemical and mechanical cues for osteogenic induction of stem cells on paper based scaffoldsKaradaş, Özge
2019Biofabrication of cellular structures using weightlessness as a biotechnological toolAnıl İnevi, Müge ; Sarıgil, Öykü ; Yaman, Sena ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Özçivici, Engin 
Dec-2018Biofabrication of in situ self assembled 3D cell cultures in a weightlessness environment generated using magnetic levitationAnıl İnevi, Müge ; Yaman, Sena ; Arslan Yıldız, Ahu ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Özçivici, Engin 
2015Bone marrow stem cells adapt to low-magnitude vibrations by altering their cytoskeleton during quiescence and osteogenesisDemiray, Levent; Özçivici, Engin 
Dec-2020Cell patterning with magnetic manipulationÇağan, Melike
2019Cell separation with hybrid magnetic levitation-based lensless holographic microscopy platformDelikoyun, Kerem ; Yaman, Sena ; Anıl İnevi, Müge ; Özçivici, Engin ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur 
Jul-2019Cellular mechanosensing at a distanceCan, Ali
2014Characterization of changes induced by lineage commitment and external mechanical stimuli on cellular ultrastructure of adult mesenchymal stem cellsDemiray, Levent
2019CNT incorporated polyacrilonitrile/polypyrrole nanofibers as keratinocytes scaffoldİnce Yardımcı, Atike; Aypek, Hande; Öztürk, Özgür; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Özçivici, Engin ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Selamet, Yusuf 
Jul-2022Connexin 32 overexpression increases proliferation, reduces gap junctional intercellular communication, motility and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in Hs578T breast cancer cellsUğur, Deniz ; Güngül, Taha Buğra ; Yücel, Simge ; Özçivici, Engin ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Meşe Özçivici, Gülistan 
2019Cytotoxic tolerance of healthy and cancerous bone cells to anti-microbial phenolic compounds depend on culture conditionsKaradaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
2014Daily application of low magnitude mechanical stimulus inhibits the growth of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells in vitroÖlçüm, Melis; Özçivici, Engin 
2019Deep convolutional neural networks for viability analysis directly from cell holograms captured using lensless holographic microscopyDelikoyun, Kerem ; Çine, Ersin; Anıl İnevi, Müge ; Özçivici, Engin ; Özuysal, Mustafa ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur 
Jul-2019Detection of bone marrow stem cell differentiation with magnetic levitationSarıgil, Öykü 
Jul-2019Development of a cell sorting platform based on magnetic levitation principleYılmaz, Esra
2013Effects of spaceflight on cells of bone marrow originÖzçivici, Engin