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2021CHARMM force field generation for a cationic thiophene oligomer with ffTKKıbrıs, Erman; Nalıncı Barbak, Nehir; Elmacı Irmak, Nuran 
Jul-2022A computational chemistry study on the interactions between hydrogenated borophene and amino acidsBozkurt, Yağmur
Mar-2011A computational study on the excited state properties of a cationic cyanine dye: TTBCKaraca, Sıla; Elmacı, Nuran 
2005A computational study on the structure of allene polymers by using quantum chemical methodsDağtepe, Pınar
Jul-2015A computational study on the structures and proton affinities of b3+ ions; peptide mass fragment productBoz, Seçkin
Jul-2014A computational study on the structures of protonated peptidesKaraca, Sıla
19-Dec-2018Detection of DNA methylation of multiple tumor supressor p16INK4a gene by polythiophene based optical sensorKaya, Hakan
Nov-2014Donor- and/or acceptor-substituted expanded radialenes: Theory, synthesis, and propertiesRamsaywack, Sharwatie; Karaca, Sıla; Gholami, Mojtaba; Murray, Adrian H.; Hampel, Frank; McDonald, Robert; Elmacı, Nuran ; Lüthi, Hans Peter; Tykwinski, Rik R.
Dec-2015Gas-phase structures and proton affinities of N-terminal proline containing b2 + ions from protonated model peptidesKaraca, Sıla; Atik, Ahmet Emin; Elmacı, Nuran ; Yalçın, Talat 
Jul-2019Molecular dynamics simulation study on the interactions between DNA and a conjugated polyelectrolyte (Cationic oligothiophene)Nalıncı Bardak, Nehir
Jul-2022Molecular dynamics simulations of a cationic thiophene oligomer and a nucleotide complexDemirci, Fethi Can
Jul-2001N,N-dialkylaniline-substituted tetraethynylethenes: A new class of chromophores possessing an emitting charge-transfer state. Experimental and computational studiesGobbi, Luca; Elmacı, Nuran ; Lüthi, Hans Peter; Diederich, François
2004Quantum chemical investigations on acetylenic carbon rich compounds as molecular construction kitAydın, Mustafa
2008The study of ground state and excited state properties of cyanine dyes by using computational chemical methodsKaraca, Sıla
Dec-2009A theoretical study on the ground and excited state behaviors of TTBC related carbocyanine dyesKaraca, Sıla; Elmacı, Nuran 
Dec-2002Thermochromism in oligothiophenes: The role of the internal rotationElmacı, Nuran ; Yurtsever, Ersin
2019Transition-metal-free direct C-H arylation of thiophene in aqueous media via potassium peroxymonosulfateÖzenler, Sezer ; Kaya, Hakan; Elmacı, Nuran ; Yıldız, Ümit Hakan