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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2017Alteration of protein localization and intracellular calcium content due to connexin26 D50A and A88V mutationsAypek, Hande; Meşe, Gülistan 
Feb-2016Altered cellular localization and hemichannel activities of KID syndrome associated connexin26 I30N and D50Y mutationsAypek, Hande; Bay, Veysel; Meşe, Gülistan 
2015Altered conductance and permeability of Cx40 mutations associated with atrial fibrillationCruz, Ana Santa; Meşe, Gülistan ; Valiuniene, Laima; Brink, Peter R; White, Thomas W.; Valiunas, Virginijus
2020Applicability of low-intensity vibrations as a regulatory factor on stem and progenitor cell populationsBaskan, Öznur ; Karadaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
2019Application of magnetic levitation induced weightlessness to detect cell lineageSarıgil, Öykü ; Anıl İnevi, Müge ; Yılmaz, Esra; Çağan, Melike; Meşe, Gülistan ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Özçivici, Engin 
2019Biofabrication of cellular structures using weightlessness as a biotechnological toolAnıl İnevi, Müge ; Sarıgil, Öykü ; Yaman, Sena ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Özçivici, Engin 
Dec-2018Biofabrication of in situ self assembled 3D cell cultures in a weightlessness environment generated using magnetic levitationAnıl İnevi, Müge ; Yaman, Sena ; Arslan Yıldız, Ahu ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Tekin, Hüseyin Cumhur ; Özçivici, Engin 
Jun-2013Characterization of connexin 26 mutations causing hereditary skin disordersBay, Veysel
2019CNT incorporated polyacrilonitrile/polypyrrole nanofibers as keratinocytes scaffoldİnce Yardımcı, Atike; Aypek, Hande; Öztürk, Özgür; Yılmaz, Selahattin ; Özçivici, Engin ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Selamet, Yusuf 
Jul-2017Comparison of connnexin32 expression and function between MCF10A normal breast and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell linesAdak, Aslı
2020Connexin 32 induces pro-tumorigenic features in MCF10A normal breast cells and MDA-MB-231 metastatic breast cancer cellsAdak, Aslı; Ünal, Yağmur Ceren ; Yücel, Simge; Vural, Zehra; Turan, Fatma Başak; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Meşe, Gülistan 
Jul-2022Connexin 32 overexpression increases proliferation, reduces gap junctional intercellular communication, motility and epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in Hs578T breast cancer cellsUğur, Deniz; Güngül, Taha Buğra; Yücel, Simge; Özçivici, Engin ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Meşe Özçivici, Gülistan 
Jan-2016Connexin26 mutations causing palmoplantar keratoderma and deafness interact with connexin43, modifying gap junction and hemichannel propertiesShuja, Zunaira; Li, Leping; Gupta, Shashank; Meşe, Gülistan ; White, Thomas W.
15-Dec-2011The Cx26-G45E mutation displays increased hemichannel activity in a mouse model of the lethal form of keratitis-ichthyosis-deafness syndromeMeşe, Gülistan ; Sellitto, Caterina; Li, Leping; Wang, Hongzhan; Valiunas, Virginijus; Richard, Gabriele; Brink, Peter R.; White, Thomas W.
2019Cytotoxic tolerance of healthy and cancerous bone cells to anti-microbial phenolic compounds depend on culture conditionsKaradaş, Özge; Meşe, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
Jul-2015Deciphering functions of aberrant hemichannels formed by connexin 26- I30N and D50Y mutationsAypek, Hande
2021A diaminoethane motif bearing low molecular weight polymer as a new nucleic acid delivery agentZelcak, Aykut; Ünal, Yağmur Ceren ; Meşe, Gülistan ; Bulmuş, Volga 
2016Epigenetics of breast cancer: DNA methylome and global histone modificationsMeşe, Gülistan ; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden 
Jun-2022Frequency-specific sensitivity of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes to low-intensity vibratory stimulus during adipogenesisBaskan, Öznur ; Sarıgil, Öykü ; Meşe Özçivici, Gülistan ; Özçivici, Engin 
Jul-2017Generation and characterization of three dimensional organotypic KID syndrome skin modelÖztürk, Özgür