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Dec-2020Chemical characterization of caldanaerobacter subterraneus subsp. tengcongensis heme-nitric oxide/oxygen binding proteinErdal, Merve
Dec-2016Cloning and purification of biosynthetic enzymesGürelme, Ebru
2022Cloning, expression, and characterization of a novel sericin-like proteinBostan, Fatmanur; Sürmeli, Nur Başak 
Jul-2018Developing mobile, electronic and positioning applications for emergency situations inside the hospitalKeskin, Özge Sevin
2020Development of an improved Amplex Red peroxidation activity assay for screening cytochrome P450 variants and identification of a novel mutant of the thermophilic CYP119Başlar, M. Semih; Sakallı, Tuğçe; Güralp, Gülce ; Kestevur Doğru, Ekin; Haklı, Emre; Sürmeli, Nur Başak 
2019Effects of N-terminal and C-terminal polyhistidine tag on the stability and function of the thermophilic P450 CYP119Aslantaş, Yaprak; Sürmeli, Nur Başak 
Jul-2019Evaluation of biophysical aspedts of cancer using lab-on-a chip devicesTahmaz, İsmail
2021Functional characterization of a novel CYP119 variant to explore its biocatalytic potentialSakallı, Tuğçe; Sürmeli, Nur Başak 
Jul-2018Generation of mutant libraries for directed evolution of a thermophilic P450 enzymeHaklı, Emre
Jul-2019Mimicking the tumor microenvironment in lab-on-a-chip devicesBilgen, Müge
2018A novel thermophilic hemoprotein scaffold for rational design of biocatalystsEfua Aggrey Fynn, Joana; Sürmeli, Nur Başak 
Dec-2018Optimization of expression and isolation of a thermophilic P450 enzymeAslantaş, Yaprak
2017Optimization of HNOX protein production in Escherichia coliSürmeli, Nur Başak 
Jan-2023Rational design of thermophilic CYP119 for progesterone hydroxylation by in silico mutagenesis and docking screeningKestevur Doğru, Ekin; Güralp, Gülce ; Uyar, Arzu ; Sürmeli, Nur Başak