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Mar-2019Frequency control in an isolated power system with high penetration of wind powerHassan, Ali
2020Inertia and droop controller for a modern variable speed wind turbine to provide frequency control in a microgridHassan, Ali; Altın, Müfit ; Bingöl, Ferhat 
2019Inertia dependent droop based frequency containment processDas, Kaushik; Altın, Müfit ; Hansen, Anca D.; Sorensen, Poul E.
Jul-2023Modelling and controlling of hybrid energy systems with hydrogen storageDenizli, Osmancan
2019Reactive power capability model of wind power plant using aggregated wind power collection systemSarkar, Moumita; Altın, Müfit ; Sorensen, Poul E.; Hansen, Anca D.