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2018Application of work function measurements in the study of surface catalyzed reactions on Rh(1 0 0)Çağlar, Başar ; Kızılkaya, Ali Can ; Niemantsverdriet, J. W. (Hans); Weststrated, C. J. (Kees-Jan)
2023Atomic-scale insights into carbon dioxide hydrogenation over bimetallic iron-cobalt catalysts: A density functional theory studyTuncer, Dilan; Kızılkaya, Ali Can 
2021Design of cobalt Fischer-Tropsch catalysts for the combined production of liquid fuels and olefin chemicals from hydrogen-rich syngasJeske, Kai; Kızılkaya, Ali Can ; Lopez-Luque, Ivan; Pfaender, Norbert; Bartsch, Mathias; Concepcion, Patricia; Prieto, Gonzalo
Dec-2019Effect of aging electrolyte and organic coating type on the corrosion mechanism of tinplateYıldırım, Koray
May-2019Effect of ammonia on cobalt Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalysts: A surface science approachKızılkaya, Ali Can ; Niemantsverdriet, J. W.; Weststrate, C. J.
Jun-2020Effect of sulfur on the elementary reactions of fischer-tropsch synthesis on cobalt surfacesDağa, Yağmur
Nov-2022Effect of the combination of organic acid solutions on tinplate corrosionYıldırım, Koray; Kızılkaya, Ali Can 
Jul-2019Effects of manganese promotion on reactants and intermediates of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis on a model cobalt surface-a Density Functional Theory investigationGençoğlu, Merve
Jun-2020The influence of inorganic and organic coating layers on the corrosion behaviour of coil coated aluminum substratesUç, Merve
Apr-2022Mechanistic insights into the effect of sulfur on the selectivity of cobalt-catalyzed Fischer–Tropsch Synthesis: A DFT studyDağa, Yağmur; Kızılkaya, Ali Can