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Feb-2022Characterization of water solubility and binding of spin labeled drugs in the presence of albumin nanoparticles and proteins by electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopySözer, Sümeyra Çiğdem ; Akdoğan, Yaşar 
Sep-2022An in vivo zebrafish model reveals circulating tumor cell targeting capacity of serum albumin nanoparticlesÇakan Akdoğan, Gülçin; Ersöz, Esra; Sözer, Sümeyra Çiğdem ; Gelinci, Emine
Jun-2021Preparation and characterization of drug loaded cationic albumin nanoparticlesSözer, Sümeyra Çiğdem 
2020A simple desolvation method for production of cationic albumin nanoparticles with improved drug loading and cell uptakeSözer, Sümeyra Çiğdem ; Özmen Egesoy, Tuğçe; Başol, Merve; Çakan Akdoğan, Gülçin; Akdoğan, Yaşar 
Dec-2022Synthesis of albumin nanoparticles in a water-miscible ionic liquid system, and their applications for chlorambucil delivery to cancer cellsAkdoğan, Yaşar ; Sözer, Sümeyra Çiğdem ; Akyol, Cansu; Başol, Merve; Karakoyun, Çiğdem; Çakan Akdoğan, Gülçin