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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Development of a static analysis tool to find securty vulnerabilities in java applicationsTopuz, Bertan
2008Development of a web services security archhitecture based on .net frameworkBacı, Recep
Jul-2022Development of co-evolution tracker tool for software with acceptance criteriaYalçın, Ali Görkem
2022A Domain-specific language for the document-based model-driven engineering of business applicationsLeblebici, Onur; Kardaş, Geylani; Tuğlular, Tuğkan 
May-2019Domain-specific modeling based feature-oriented automatic test generation methodology for software product linesŞensülün, Sercan
Jul-2022The effect of human-robot interaction on design and use process of home robotsYapıcı, Nur Beril
2004End-to-end security for mobile devicesKayayurt, Barış
Aug-2006End-to-end security implementation for mobile devices using TLS protocolKayayurt, Barış; Tuğlular, Tuğkan 
Jun-2018Estimating software robustness in relation to input validation vulnerabilities using Bayesian networksUfuktepe, Ekincan ; Tuğlular, Tuğkan 
2018Event sequence graph-based feature-oriented testing: A preliminary studyTuğlular, Tuğkan 
2009Event-based input validation using design-by-contract patternsTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Müftüoğlu, Can Arda; Belli, Fevzi ; Linschulte, M.
2019Featured event sequence graphs for model-based incremental testing of software product linesTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Beyazıt, Mutlu; Öztürk, Dilek 
2010Feedback control based test case instantiation for firewall testingTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Gerçek, Gürcan
2008Firewall configuration management using XACML policiesTuğlular, Tuğkan 
2005Firewall monitoring using intrusion detection systemsAsarcıklı, Şükran
2009GUI-based testing of boundary overflow vulnerabilityTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Müftüoğlu, Can Arda; Kaya, Özgür; Belli, Fevzi ; Linschulte, M.
2021Heterogeneous modeling and testing of software product linesBelli, Fevzi ; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Ufuktepe, Ekincan 
2005Improving misuse detection with neural networksDemiray, Sadettin
2023Incremental testing in software product lines-an event based approachBeyazıt, Mutlu; Tuğlular, Tuğkan ; Öztürk Kaya, Dilek 
2013Information and communication technology sector strategy map of IzmirTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Tekir, Selma ; Velibeyoğlu, Koray