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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2022Biofouling-resistant ultrafiltration membranes via codeposition of dopamine and cetyltrimethylammonium bromide with retained size selectivity and water fluxCihanoğlu, Aydın; Schiffman, Jessica D.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Aug-2011Catalytic performances of chemically immobilized urease under static and dynamic conditions: A comparative studyYürekli, Yılmaz; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2012Characterization of polysulfone based hemodialysis membranes by afmUz, Metin; Yaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Polat, Mehmet ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Aug-2006Characterization of waterborne acrylic based paint films and measurement of their water vapor permeabilitiesTopçuoğlu, Özge; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Balköse, Devrim 
May-2014Chitosan-polyoxometalate nanocomposites: Synthesis, characterization and application as antimicrobial agentsFiorani, Giulia; Saoncella, Omar; Kaner, P.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Figoli, Alberto; Bonchio, Marcella; Carraro, Mauro
Aug-2007Controlled release of drugs from tablet coatingsAlsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Apr-2007Crystallization of poly(vinyl alcohol) during solvent removal: Infrared characterization and mathematical modelingWong, Sim-Siong; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
2019Development of a high-flux thin-film composite nanofiltration membrane with sub-nanometer selectivity using a pH and temperature-responsive pentablock co-polymerBar, Canbike; Çağlar, Nagahan; Uz, Metin; Mallapragada, Surya K.; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
1-Dec-2016Development of a novel strategy for controlled release of lysozyme from whey protein isolate based active food packaging filmsPekşen Özer, Bahar Başak; Uz, Metin; Oymacı, Pelin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2020Development of AgCl-TiO2 xerogels entrapped antibacterial polyacrylonitrile membranes: The effect of high salinity water on silver release, antibiofouling and antibacterial efficaciesUz, Metin; Yaşar Mahlıçlı, Filiz; Şeker, Erol ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Feb-2010Development of antioxidant food packaging materials with controlled release propertiesGemili, Seyhun; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Feb-2009Development of cellulose acetate based antimicrobial food packaging materials for controlled release of lysozymeGemili, Seyhun; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet ; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
2015Development of functional materials for sirna delivery and neural tissue engineeringUz, Metin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
Mar-2019Development of high flux nanofiltration membranes through single bilayer polyethyleneimine/alginate depositionTekinalp, Önder; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Dec-2011Development of mono and multilayer antimicrobial food packaging materials for controlled release of potassium sorbateUz, Metin; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide 
Jul-2019Development of polyamideimide based nanofiltration membranes for separation of dyes and salts in textile wastewater treatmentMetecan, Ayşe
Jul-2017Development of thin film composite nanofiltration membranes with layer by layer polyelectrolyte depositionTekinalp, Önder
2014Development of whey protein isolate based nanocomposite food packaging film incorporated with chitosan and zein nanoparticlesOymacı, Pelin
Jul-2004Drying of semicrystalline polymers: Mathematical modeling and experimental characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol) filmsWong, Sim-Siong; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Mallapragada, Surya K.
Dec-2010Effect of enzyme location on activity and stability of trypsin and urease immobilized on porous membranes by using layer-by-layer self-assembly of polyelectrolyteGuedidi, Sadika; Yürekli, Yılmaz; Deratani, André; Déjardin, Philippe; Innocent, Christophe; Alsoy Altınkaya, Sacide ; Roudesli, Sadok; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet