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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2016Multiferroic materials: Physics and propertiesBuurma, A. J. C.; Blake, G. R.; Palstra, T. T. M.; Adem, Umut 
Jul-2019Obtaining and characterization of artificial leather using different types of plasticizersAkkuş Altındağ, İffet
Jul-2023Piezocatalytic and piezoelectric properties of P(VDF) and its copolymer/terpolymer filmsTengizdeniz, Ceren
2019Predicted polymorph manipulation in an exotic double perovskite oxideSu, He-Ping; Li, Shu-Fang; Han, Yifeng; Wu, Mei-Xia; Gui, Churen; Chang, Yanfen; Li, Man-Rong; Adem, Umut 
Jun-2018Preparation of albumin nanoparticles using an ionic liquid based microemulsion-like methodDemirkurt, Begüm
Jul-2019Production and characterization of porous ceramics for aircraft arresting systemsÇapraz, Furkan
May-2017Synthesis and nitrogen doping of graphene by chemical vapor depositionYanılmaz, Alper