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Feb-2010A comparative study on exergetic performance assessment for drying of broccoli florets in three different drying systemsİçier, Filiz; Çolak, Neslihan; Erbay, Zafer; Hancıoğlu Kuzgunkaya, Ebru; Hepbaşlı, Arif
Jan-2010An exergetic performance assessment of three different food driersHepbaşlı, Arif; Erbay, Zafer; Çolak, Neslihan; Hancıoğlu, Ebru; İçier, Filiz
Dec-2010Exergoeconomic analysis of plum drying in a heat pump conveyor dryerHepbaşlı, Arif; Çolak, Neslihan; Hancıoğlu, Ebru; İçier, Filiz; Erbay, Zafer
2010Exergy analysis of food drying processesÇolak, Neslihan; Balta, Mustafa T.; İçier, Filiz; Hancıoğlu Kuzgunkaya, Ebru; Hepbaşlı, Arif; Erbay, Zafer
2010Performance investigation of the drying of parsley in a tray dryer systemHancıoğlu, Ebru; Hepbaşlı, Arif; İçier, Filiz; Erbay, Zafer; Çolak, Neslihan