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2023CVD graphene/SiC UV photodetector with enhanced spectral responsivity and response speedJehad, Ala K.; Fidan, Mehmet; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem 
May-2022Enhancing the photo-response characteristics of graphene/n-Si based Schottky barrier photodiodes by increasing the number of graphene layersFidan, Mehmet; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem 
Jul-2017Functionalized CVD grown graphene for gas sensing applicationsYağmurcukardeş, Nesli
Jul-2022Graphene/SOI-based self-powered Schottky barrier photodiode arrayYanılmaz, Alper; Fidan, Mehmet; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem 
2023High voltage response of graphene/4H-SiC UV photodetector with low level detectionJehad, Ala K.; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem 
2021Junction area dependent performance of graphene/silicon based self-powered Schottky photodiodesFidan, Mehmet; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem 
Jun-2022Light-induced modification of the Schottky barrier height in graphene/Si based near-infrared photodiodesFidan, Mehmet; Dönmez, Gülçin; Yanılmaz, Alper; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem 
Jul-2018Nanotribological properties of graphene grown on silicon carbide semiconductorKeskin, Yasemin
2021The role of charge distribution on the friction coefficients of epitaxial graphene grown on the Si-terminated and C-terminated faces of SiCKeskin, Yasemin; Ünverdi, Özhan; Erbahar, Doğan; Kaya, İsmet İnönü; Çelebi, Cem 
2023Self-powered photodetector array based on individual graphene electrode and silicon-on-insulator integrationYanılmaz, Alper; Ünverdi, Özhan; Çelebi, Cem