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2023Corrigendum: Bioactive snail mucus-slime extract loaded chitosan scaffolds for hard tissue regeneration: the effect of mucoadhesive and antibacterial extracts on physical characteristics and bioactivity of chitosan matrix (2021Biomed. Mater.16 065008) [2]Perpelek, M.; Tamburaci, S.; Aydemir, S.; Tihminlioglu, F. ; Baykara, B.; Karakasli, A.; Havitcioglu, H.
2010Genotypic identification of some lactic acid bacteria by amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis and investigation of their potential usage as starter culture combinations in Beyaz cheese manufactureKarahan, A. G.; Kilic, G. Basyigit; Kart, A.; Aloglu, H. Sanlidere; Oner, Z.; Aydemir, S.; Harsa, Hayriye Şebnem ; Erkuş, Oylum