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Nov-2021Epithelial-myeloid exchange of MHC class II constrains immunity and microbiota compositionStephens, W. Zac; Kubinak, Jason L.; Ghazaryan, Arevik; Bauer, Kaylyn M.; Buhrke, Kate; Round, June L.; Ekiz, Hüseyin Atakan 
Sep-2022miR-aculous new avenues for cancer immunotherapyTang, William W.; Bauer, Kaylyn M.; Barba, Cindy; Ekiz, Hüseyin Atakan ; O’Connell, Ryan M.
2023T cell expressed microRNA-155 promotes antitumor immunity and immune checkpoint blockade responses in colon cancer through repression of Ship1Tang, William W.; Ekiz, H. Atakan ; Voth, Warren P.; Bauer, Kaylyn M.; Barba, Cindy; Ghazaryan, Arevik; Nelson, Morgan