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2012Analysis of temporal and spatial expression of drosophila embryonic small RNAs by deep-sequencing methodCoşacak, Mehmet İlyas
2018Deep sequencing reveals two Jurkat subpopulations with distinct miRNA profiles during camptothecin-induced apoptosisErdoğan, İpek ; Coşacak, Mehmet İlyas; Nalbant, Ayten ; Akgül, Bünyamin 
Nov-2017Differentially expressed tRNA-derived small RNAs co-sediment primarily with non-polysomal fractions in DrosophilaGöktaş, Çağdaş; Yiğit, Hatice; Coşacak, Mehmet İlyas; Akgül, Bünyamin 
Feb-2018Re-arrangements in the cytoplasmic distribution of small RNAs following the maternal-to-zygotic transition in Drosophila embryosCoşacak, Mehmet İlyas; Yiğit, Hatice; Kızıl, Çağhan; Akgül, Bünyamin 
Apr-2018Small RNA data set that includes tRNA-derived fragments from Jurkat cells treated with camptothecinCoşacak, Mehmet İlyas; Erdoğan, İpek ; Nalbant, Ayten ; Akgül, Bünyamin