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2019Can post-mastectomy radiation therapy be omitted in T1-2 clinically node-negative breast cancer patients with a positive sentinel lymph node biopsy?Dinh, Kate; Soran, Atilla; Işık, Arda; McAuliffe, Priscilla; Diego, Emilia; Sezgin, Efe ; Johnson, Ronald
2023Decision making on postmastectomy radiation therapy for patients with T3N0M0 luminal breast cancerKing, Caleb; Vargo, John; Bhargava, Rohit; Diego, Emilia J.; Cowher, Michael; Johnson, Ronald; Sezgin, Efe 
2016The impact of Onco type DX® recurrence score of paraffin-embedded core biopsy tissues in predicting response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in women with breast cancerSoran, Atilla; Bhargava, Rohit; Johnson, Ronald; Ahrendt, Gretchen; Bonaventura, Marguerite; Diego, Emilia; McAuliffe, Priscilla F.; Serrano, Merida; Menekşe, Ebru; Sezgin, Efe ; McGuire, Kandace P.
2018Randomized trial comparing resection of primary tumor with no surgery in stage IV breast cancer at presentation: Protocol MF07-01Soran, Atilla; Özmen, Vahit; Özbaş, Serdar; Karanlık, Hasan; Müslümanoğlu, Mahmut; İgci, Abdullah; Johnson, Ronald; Sezgin, Efe 
May-2022Survival impact of intervention to distant metastatic lesions in patients with breast cancerAbidi, Hira; Ayoade, Oluwaseun; McAuliffe, Priscilla; Johnson, Ronald; Lee, Joanna; Keenan, Donald; Steiman, Jennifer; Sezgin, Efe ; Soran, Atilla