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2021Current status and perspectives of protease inhibitors and their combination with nanosized drug delivery systems for targeted cancer therapyRudzinska, Magdalena; Dağlıoğlu, Cenk ; Savvateeva, Lyudmila, V; Kaci, Fatma Necmiye; Antoine, Rodolphe; Zamyatnin, Andrey A., Jr.
2019The role of cysteine cathepsins in cancer progression and drug resistanceRudzinska, Magdalena; Parodi, Alessandro; Soond, Surinder M.; Vinarov, Andrey Z.; Korolev, Dmitry O.; Morozov, Andrey O.; Zamyatnin, Andrey A., Jr.; Dağlıoğlu, Cenk ; Tutar, Yusuf