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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2019A comparative study on the photocatalytic activity of dye-sensitized and non-sensitized graphene oxide-TİO2 composites under simulated and direct sunlightİlhan, Hatice
Dec-2020Design and fabrication of a wearable, flexible pulse oximeterAydın, Ahmed 
Jul-2020Desing strategies for solar car parks: A case study for IZTECH library parking lotBursa, Enes
Jun-2019Dimension dependent optoelectronic properties of cesium lead halide perovskitesÖzcan, Mehmet
Dec-2020Emission characteristics of a solution processed, single layer white organic light emitting diodeBozkuş, Volkan
Jul-2020Experimental and theoretical investigation of functionalized perovskitesÖzen, Sercan
Dec-2019Fabrication and characterization of graphene/silicon based Schottky photodiodeDönmez, Gülçin
Jul-2022Fabrication of perovskite solar cells using ultrasonic spray coatingCeyhan, Eray
Dec-2020Flexible transparent conducting electrodes based on silver nanowire, graphene, and two-dimensional transition metal dichalgogenideTertemiz, Necip Ayhan
Dec-2019Functionalization and thickness dependent properties of single layer dichalcogenidesKahraman, Zeynep
Dec-2020Graphene-like materials for electronic applicationsBaşkurt, Mehmet
Jul-2021Identification of single-layer crystalline structures through their electronic and optical propertiesSözen, Yiğit 
Jul-2020Investigation of photodetectors using graphene field effect transistors incombination with functional dyematerialsYakar, Ozan
Jul-2020Manufacturing and characterization of perovskite thin films using novel methodsBıyıklı, Ozan
Dec-2020Photophysical characterization of green and blue emitting quantum dots and their application in QD-LEDsÖzgüler, Şahika
Jul-2020Plasmonic enhancement of perovskite photoluminescenceTan, Metin
Jul-2021Quantitative phase analysis in lensless digital inline holographic microscopyDemir, Ali Aslan
Jul-2019Three-photon electromagnetically induced transparency in Rydberg atomsOyun, Yağız