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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2017Antiproliferative properties of 2'-alkoxymethyl substituted klavuzon derivativesYıldız, Mehmet Salih
2017Bir mikroakışkan aygıt üretimi yöntemiPesen Okvur, Devrim 
2017Bir mikroakışkan cihaz kullanılarak ilaç etkilerinin belirlenmesi için bir yöntemPesen Okvur, Devrim 
2021Breast cancer cells and macrophages in a paracrine-juxtacrine loopÖnal, Sevgi; Türker Burhan, Merve; Batı Ayaz, Gizem; Yanık, Hamdullah; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
2014Cell adhesion on nanomater scale fibronectin patterns: A comparision of breast cancer cells and normal breast epithelial cellsHorzum, Utku
Oct-2017Cellular distribution of invadopodia is regulated by nanometer scale surface protein patternsBatı Ayaz, Gizem; Can, Ali; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jul-2019Cellular mechanosensing at a distanceCan, Ali
Jul-2016Comparison od side effects of anti-cancer drugs in 2D and 3D and, classical and cell-on-a-chip culturesKankale, Deniz
2014Design and fabrication of microfluidic device that allows investigation of distance dependent interactions of two different cell typesSağlam, Murat
12-Aug-2015Differentiation of normal and cancer cell adhesion on custom designed protein nanopatternsHorzum, Utku; Özdil, Berrin; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jul-2019Evaluation of biophysical aspedts of cancer using lab-on-a chip devicesTahmaz, İsmail
2014Fabrication of 3D controlled in vitro microenvironmentsÖzdil, Berrin; Önal, Sevgi; Oruç, Tuğçe; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jun-2017Interactions of cancer cells and macrophages on the EGF-EGFR axis: Chemotaxis, haptotaxis or direct contact?Önal, Sevgi
2014Invadopodia formation on nanometer scale protein patternsBatı, Gizem
2014Invadopodia: Proteolytic feet of cancer cellsBatı, Gizem; Pesen Okvur, Devrim 
May-2019Lab-on-a-chip devices for drug screeningGökçe, Begüm
2017Method for determining cell migration and invasionPesen Okvur, Devrim 
2014Method that positions cell-laden or cell-free matrices at defined positions from each other inside a single microfluidic channelTarım, Emre
Apr-2015Microfluidic device for investigation of distance dependent interactions in cell biologyPesen Okvur, Devrim 
Jun-2014Micrometer scale spacings between fibronectin nanodots regulate cell morphology and focal adhesionsHorzum, Utku; Özdil, Berrin; Pesen Okvur, Devrim