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2003Control of microbial and enzymatic changes in intermediate moisture sun-dried figs by mild heating and hydrogen peroxide disinfectionDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek 
Apr-2005Effects of hot rehydration in the presence of hydrogen peroxide on microbial quality, texture, color, and antioxidant activity of cold-stored intermediate-moisture sun-dried figsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Arcan, İskender; Tokatlı, Figen ; Yemecioğlu, Ahmet
2010Inhibition of microbial ß-glucuronidase by natural zeolites and their effects on cancer prevention in human intestinal systemsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek 
Apr-2013Investigation of structural properties of clinoptilolite rich zeolites in simulated digestion conditions and their cytotoxicity against Caco-2 cells in vitroKavak, Dilek Demirbüker ; Ülkü, Semra 
Feb-2015Kinetic and equilibrium studies of adsorption of ß-glucuronidase by clinoptilolite-rich mineralsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Ülkü, Semra 
2015Orta nemli incirlerde depolama sonrasında pektin metil esteraz aktivitesi değişimiDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Jul-2010Pistacia terebinthus extract: As a potential antioxidant, antimicrobial and possible ß-glucuronidase inhibitorDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Altıok, Evren; Bayraktar, Oğuz ; Ülkü, Semra 
Apr-2004Potential application of hot rehydration alone or in combination with hydrogen peroxide to control pectin methylesterase activity and microbial load in cold-stored intermediate-moisture sun-dried figsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Şimşek, Şebnem; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
2009Yapay sindirim sıvısında doğal zeolitlerde meydana gelen morfolojik değişmelerDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Özçelik, Serdar ; Ülkü, Semra