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2023Fluence (UV dose) distribution assessment of UV-C light at 254 nm on food surfaces using radiochromic film dosimetry integrated with image processing and convolutional neural network (CNN)Cankal, Yadigar Seyfi; Ünlütürk, Mehmet S.; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2019Identification of equivalent processing conditions for pasteurization of strawberry juice by high pressure, ultrasound, and pulsed electric fields processingYıldız, Semanur; Pokhrel, Prashant Raj; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Barbosa-Canovas, Gustavo, V
2016Impact of irradiation on the microbial ecology of foodsÜnlütürk, Sevcan 
2013The impact of UV-C irradiation on spoilage microorganisms and colour of orange juiceHakgüder Taze, Bengi ; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Buzrul, Sencer; Alpas, Hami
Jul-2022Investigation of applicability of UV-light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) as an alternative technology in pasteurization of cold-pressed and newly formulated mixed beverageBaykuş, Gökçen
Feb-2017Investigation of the effect of different processing techniques on the overall quality and shelf life of local apricot variety of Iğdır (Prunus armeniaca L., cv. Şalak)Hakgüder Taze, Bengi 
2007Investigation of the effects of dissolved oxygen concentration, aeration and agitation on the morphology and rheology in submerged fungal fermentationÖncü, Şelale
2008Investigation of the pyhsical and chemical properties of milk containing antibioticsYıldız, Özge
Jul-2022Investigation of the usability of radiochromic films for determination of dose uniformity of food surface in UV-C treatmentSeyfi, Yadigar
1-Aug-2015Microbial safety and shelf life of UV-C treated freshly squeezed white grape juiceÜnlütürk, Sevcan ; Atılgan, Mehmet Reşat
2019Milk fat substitution by microparticulated protein in reduced-fat cheese emulsion: The effects on stability, microstructure, rheological and sensory propertiesUrgu, Müge; Türk, Aylin; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Kaymak Ertekin, Figen; Koca, Nurcan
Sep-2010Modeling inactivation kinetics of liquid egg white exposed to UV-C irradiationÜnlütürk, Sevcan ; Atılgan, Mehmet Reşat; Baysal, Ayşe Handan ; Ünlütürk, Mehmet S.
2019Pasteurization of verjuice by UV-C irradiation and mild heat treatmentKaya, Zehra; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2011Process neural network method: Case study I: Discrimination of sweet red peppers prepared by different methodsÜnlütürk, Sevcan ; Ünlütürk, Mehmet S.; Pazır, Fikret; Kuşçu, Alper
Feb-2016Processing of clear and turbid grape juice by a continuous flow UV systemKaya, Zehra; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
2009Quantitative risk assessment models for food pathogensBaysal, Ayşe Handan ; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
Oct-2010Rebuttal: Response to regarding letter to editor "On the modeling of inactivation kinetics by UV irradiation"Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
Dec-2006Relationship between morphology, rheology and polygalacturonase production by Aspergillus sojae ATCC 20235 in submerged culturesGöğüş, Nihan; Tarı, Canan ; Öncü, Şelale; Ünlütürk, Sevcan ; Tokatlı, Figen 
Apr-2008Rheological properties of liquid egg products (LEPS)Atılgan, Mehmet Reşat; Ünlütürk, Sevcan 
Jul-2019Rheological, textural, physico-chemical and sensory properties of low sugar apple marmaladeŞirin, Pınar