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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2016Differences in the uses and needs of neighborhood parks: A case study about female park users in Balçova (Izmir, Turkey)Kaştaş Uzun, İpek
2022Do spatial development plans provide spatial equity in access to public parks: A case with a residential area in Karabağlar and Buca (İzmir)Öztürk, Sevim Pelin; Şenol, Fatma 
2012Dynamics of gentrification in a seashore town: The case of Alaçatı, IzmirUçak, Eda
Apr-2013Elected neighbourhood officers in a Turkish city (Izmir): Gendered local participation in governanceŞenol, Fatma 
Dec-2022Everyday spatial tactics of women living in deprived neighborhoods: a case with refugee and non-refugee women in İzmirAygün, Gamzenur
2022Gendered sense of safety and coping strategies in public places: a study in Atatürk Meydanı of IzmirŞenol, Fatma 
Jul-2019GIS besed spatial equity mapping and park provision at neighborhood scale: Izmir caseÖzkan, Sevim Pelin
2021GIS-based mappings of park accessibility at multiple spatial scales: a research framework with the case of Izmir (Turkey)Şenol, Fatma ; Atay Kaya, İlgi
2023How out-of-classroom activity areas and surrounding land uses affect students' feelings about coming school?: Cases in İzmirÖzkan, Tuba Nur
2019Mevcut mahalle parklarının "İhtiyaca Dayalı Hakçalık" açısından değerlendirilmesi: İzmir'deki mahalle pParklarını kimler neden kullanıyor ve kullan(a)mıyor?Şenol, Fatma ; Duran, Hasan Engin ; Atay Kaya, İlgi; Şentürk, Burcu; Kaştaş Uzun, İpek
2020Recent "nation gardens" and historical development of public green spaces in TurkeyUzun, İpek Kaştaş; Şenol, Fatma 
Oct-2022Surroundings of metro stations as public spaces: user perceptions in the cases in İzmirAksoy, Serenay
2023An urban plan evaluation for park accessibility: a case in Izmir (Turkiye)Şenol, Fatma ; Öztürk, Sevim Pelin; Atay Kaya, İlgi
Aug-2009Women running for neighborhood offices in a Turkish city: Motivations and resources for electoral candidacyŞenol, Fatma 
Apr-2022Women's urban spatial mobility: Female drivers in Jeddah cityAbusaif, Wafa Bassam Yousif