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Apr-2017Barcode DNA length polymorphisms vs fatty acid profiling for adulteration detection in olive oilUncu, Ali Tevfik; Uncu, Ayşe Özgür; Frary, Anne ; Doğanlar, Sami 
4-Mar-2015Cultivar origin and admixture detection in Turkish olive oils by SNP-based CAPS assaysUncu, Ali Tevfik; Frary, Anne ; Doğanlar, Sami 
1-Nov-2015Development of a SNP-based CAPS assay for the Me1 gene conferring resistance to root knot nematode in pepperUncu, Ali Tevfik; Çelik, İbrahim; Devran, Zübeyir; Frary, Anne ; Frary, Amy; Doğanlar, Sami 
Jun-2015Development of single nucleotide polymorphism markes for fingerprint analysis of Turkish olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivars and detection of adulteration in Turkish olive oilUncu, Ali Tevfik
Jan-2017Genome-wide SNP discovery and QTL mapping for fruit quality traits in inbred backcross lines (IBLs) of solanum pimpinellifolium using genotyping by sequencingÇelik, İbrahim; Gürbüz, Nergiz ; Uncu, Ali Tevfik; Frary, Anne ; Doğanlar, Sami 
Jul-2015A primer to molecular phylogenetic analysis in plantsUncu, Ayşe Özgür; Uncu, Ali Tevfik; Çelik, İbrahim; Doğanlar, Sami ; Frary, Anne