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2021Desalination: From ancient to present and futureAngelakis, Andreas N.; Valipour, Mohammad; Choo, Kwang-Ho; Ahmed, Abdelkader T.; Baba, Alper ; Kumar, Rohitashw; Toor, Gurpal S.
Mar-2018Developments in water dams and water harvesting systems throughout history in different civilizationsBaba, Alper ; Tsatsanifos, Chr; El Gohary, Fatma; Palerm, Jacinta; Khan, Saifullah; Mahmoudian, S. Ali; Ahmed, Abdelkader T.; Tayfur, Gökmen ; Dialynas, Yannis G.; Angelakis, Andreas N.
2020Irrigation of world agricultural lands: Evolution through the MillenniaAngelakis, Andreas N.; Zaccaria, Daniele; Krasilnikoff, Jens; Salgot, Miquel; Bazza, Mohamed; Roccaro, Paolo; Fereres, Elias; Baba, Alper