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Jul-2015Compensator design for twin rotor systemsDeniz, Meryem
2018Experimental verification of lead-lag compensators on a twin rotor systemDeniz, Meryem; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Bayrak, Alper 
May-2018A model-free continuous velocity observer formulation with self-tuning for mechatronic systemsDeniz, Meryem; Bayrak, Alper ; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Zergeroğlu, Erkan
2020Model-free output feedback controller design for twin rotor systemsDeniz, Meryem; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Bayrak, Alper 
2015Modelling twin rotor system with artificial neural networksDeniz, Meryem; Bıdıklı, Barış; Bayrak, Alper ; Özdemirel, Barbaros ; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver 
2015A new continuous velocity observer formulation for a class of uncertain nonlinear mechanical systemsBayrak, Alper ; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Zergeroǧlu, Erkan; Deniz, Meryem
19-Sep-2016Robust output tracking control of an unmanned aerial vehicle subject to additive state dependent disturbanceTanyer, İlker; Tatlıcıoglu, Enver ; Zergeroglu, Erkan; Deniz, Meryem; Bayrak, Alper ; Özdemirel, Barbaros