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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005AAS, XRPD, SEM/EDS, and FTIR studies of the effect of calcite and magnesite on the uptake of Pb2+ and Zn2+ ions by natural kaolinite and clinoptiloliteZünbül, Banu
2005The activity of silica immobilized palladium N-heterocyclic carbene complexes toward Mizoro-Heck reaction and their characterizationAksın, Özge
2002Acylation of 2-methoxynaphthalene over Ion-exchanged beta zeoliteKantarlı, İsmail Cem
Jul-2017Antiproliferative and anticancerogenic effects of 5-ASA and its novel synthesized oligomerAtahanova, Hurshida
2008Asymmetric synthesis and anti-tumor properties of conformationally constrained analogues of (S)-and (R)-goniothalaminKasaplar, Pınar
Dec-2022Borylation of petroleum cracking olefin productsArapoğlu, Mehmet Anıl
2011Changes in protein profiles in Bortezomib applied Multiple Myeloma cellsTuran, Taylan
2010Characterization and corrosion performance of γ-glycidoxyropyltrimethoxsilane modified epoxy polymerOturaklı, Şafak
2008Characterization of ion implanted surfaces by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy, LIBSÖrer, Sabiha
2008Characterization of the adsorption behaviour of aqueous Cd (II) and Ni (II) ions on nanoparticles of zero-valent ironEfecan, Nazlı
2006Chromatographic determination of glycoalkaloids in eggplantTek, Neslihan ; Tek, Neslihan 
Jun-2022Colloidal plexcitonic nanocrystalsSarısözen, Sema
2009Combinatorial libraries of stilbene fused chalcone and flavanone derivatives: Synthesis and anti-proliferative propertiesAkçok, İsmail
2007Comparative adsorption studies of heavy metal ions on chitin and chitosan biopolymersKeleşoğlu, Serkan
Jul-2022A computational chemistry study on the interactions between hydrogenated borophene and amino acidsBozkurt, Yağmur
2005A computational study on the structure of allene polymers by using quantum chemical methodsDağtepe, Pınar
Jul-2016Copper-catalyzed synthesis of benzo-bimane derivativesZeybek, Hüseyin
Oct-2016Coupling reactions of enyne oxiranes with Grignard reagentsAytaç, İsmet Arınç
Dec-2021Design and synthesis of a BODIPY based probe for cadmium ionsCebeci, Miray
Dec-2021Design and synthesis of a BODIPY based probe for mercury ionsTütüncü, Büşra Buse